Google Play Android Games are Coming to Windows/PCs in 2022

Google has announced that Windows users can play Android games on Windows in 2022. Google is not partnering with Microsoft but is developing a standalone application. The Google Play games Product director Greg Hartnell came out with this surprising news during a mobile gaming meet. He said the Windows users can play Android games in 2022 with a standalone application from Google. Further, he said that Google is not partnering with Microsoft to bring Google Play Android games to Windows.

Further, Google does not reveal everything and works is not revealing everything and is working privately for independent development.

Google Play Android Games on Windows PCs

Google has confirmed that it will bring Android games to Windows through a standalone application. Since it is a standalone application, you’ll need to download and install it from Google like other apps you download. Further, you’ll also need to log in here the same as you would do on Android.

According to Google, the players will be able to resume the games on the desktop after playing on phone, tablet, or Chromebook via this Google Play application. Google spokesperson said they are bringing the best Android games first on Windows PCs. It is clear that Google will get selective Android games instead of all games.

This announcement from Google was made after Microsoft started testing Android apps on Windows 11. Microsoft has created a Windows subsystem that will allow you to run Android apps from various sources.

Microsoft has partnered with Amazon. This will allow Windows users to install games and apps from the Amazon app store, but Microsoft’s feature won’t support Google Play. As Microsoft has partnered with Amazon, fewer Android games and apps will be available apart from Amazon apps and games. So, Microsoft has opened the door for Google and BlueStacks to bring their apps and games on the platform.

Google has promised to release the apps and games next year. However, it is not clear what technology is Google will apply to bring Android games on Windows. Further, it is also clear that games will run locally instead of cloud streaming.


Google has announced its plan to bring the Android apps to Windows earlier this year. A 70-page document describing Google’s effort to get Android games on Windows and Macs. Google’s document revealed that it would first bring at least a few best selective games in 2022 to Windows, and later it will work on getting more Google games and apps to Windows and Mac. Still, there are many questions from the users’ side. They want to know whether this will be available on Windows 10 or only on Windows 11? What kind of emulator will Google use, or will games run natively?



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