Halo Infinite Boss Guide: How to Beat Tremonius in Mission in First Try

The Halo Infinite gameplay includes several boss fights, and Tremonius is the first boss you will fight in the Halo gameplay. You should maintain a proper distance while fighting him. In short, the key is keeping a fair distance. In this article, we are sharing some tips to start your winning streak of boss fights so you can win on the first try. The Tremonius Boss Guide offers you a helping hand during the fight in the Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite- Foundation Mission

If you are a Halo Infinite player and currently on the Foundation mission, you will have to fight Tremonius at the end of the mission. We help you win the fight and complete the mission. You can earn more rewards and XP by completing other missions. It will also offer you new perks. You can visit different places to improve your skills.

Halo Infinite- About the First Boss Tremonius

Tremonius is equipped with heavy armor. Additionally, he is accompanied by two jackals. These jackals are also equipped with armor. In short, together, they can take you down easily. However, you can easily beat Tremonious to stay forward on the second level.

Tremonius provides a tough encounter during the campaign missions. You should win the fight to progress.

Halo Infinite- Dodge Attacks

You should not worry about the basic attacks, but do not get too close. The fireball attack can kill you instantly in one single blow. Sprinting or jumping out will not save your life. As soon as you see the Tremonius jumping into the air, use the grappling hook and escape to another area in Halo Infinite. Go as far as possible to avoid the attack.

Halo Infinite- Maintain Proper Distance

You will get a cutscene introducing Tremonius. Do not rush and fight him up close after the cutscene ends. Tremonius is heavily armored, and jackals will quickly take you down. The first step is to move back when he jumps at you. Jackals will not be able to shoot you because of the spires. In other words, it blocks them from shooting at you.

Halo Infinite- Kill Jackals

Use the Plasma weapon to fight. It takes down his shields quickly. Their shields have a white bar on them, and they do not recharge. After taking down their shield, you should switch to any kinetic weapon in the Halo Infinite.

Create a gap between you and Tremonius. Go nearby pillars and find the Jackals. You can take them out, they have Manglers, and they can take you down if you are close enough. If you do not want to use the grenades, shoot the pink containers to blow them up.

Halo Infinite- Kill Tremonius

Your fight with the Tremonius gets much easier once you clear out the Jackals from your way. Keep avoiding his fires by taking covers. Believe in your kinetic weapon and grenades. He will eventually go down in a few minutes. You should keep dodging his attacks during the Halo Infinite gameplay until then.


Halo games always have bad bosses. They can easily take you down if you don’t have any strategy. You can follow the steps mentioned above to beat the Tremonius on your first try in the Halo Infinite game. DO not forget to use Grenades and plasma weapons to take down the shield. You can read our other articles to get the details related to other games. If you have any further queries, please comment down below.

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