How to Send Money Globally with Google Pay

Google Pay is a payment app designed by Google. This app, also known as Gray or Google Pay, is used to make contactless payments. You get exciting offers, cashback rewards, and other benefits when you pay using Google Pay. GPay is a quick and secure way to send money locally, and now you can also make payments globally. Apart from sending money, it also shows your vaccine details in some regions. Currently, you can use Google Pay to send money from the US. to India and Singapore. So, go through the steps to send money abroad with Google Pay. 

How to send money globally using the Google Pay app

  1. Firstly, download and install Google Pay on your device.
  2. Open the Google Pay or GPay app.
  3. Search for the person you want to send money to, or simply you can type the contact number of the person to whom you want to send money. 
  4. Then, tap the Pay button on the bottom of your screen. 
  5. Next, choose Western Union or Wise. 
  6. Tap Get started to continue. 
  7. Fill in all the necessary details about the transfer. 
  8. Tap Continue after filling in the necessary details. 
  9. You will have a sign-in pop-up from Western Union; tap sign-in to allow access. 
  10. If you don’t have a Western Union account sign up for Western Union or Wise and tap Enable. 
  11. Read the terms and conditions or warning carefully and tap Accept. 
  12. Tap the recipient and again go through the transfer details. 
  13. Once you have checked, finalize the transfer, and send it. 

Once you have made your international transfer, you can track the transaction using the issued receipt. You can do it on the Western union or Wise website once you log in with the same credentials. 

The supported countries for abroad Google Pay services

Google Pay is gaining momentum worldwide for its Payment services. Currently, Google Pay is only available in limited locations, and if you are from the U.S., you can make the most out of a Google-powered e-wallet. You must have a compatible Android phone or smartwatch that supports Google Pay. As mentioned earlier, you can’t initiate an outbound transfer from anywhere but the U.S. 

Outbound money transfer services are only available in the U.S., and Google Pay has only two receiving countries: India and Singapore. 

Both these countries can receive payment from the US. Further; Google Pay is a contactless way to make payments around the globe. You can sign in GPay using Western Union to make international money transfers. Finally, we can say Google is a multifaceted platform, but its services are currently only located in limited locations. You can make payments and can check vaccine detail available on Google Pay.



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